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Investigation Tips for Anonymous (Whistleblower) Reports

Whistleblowers have reported more than 40 percent of employees' misconduct, according to the 2014 annual report of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. They either keep their name anonymous - 80 percent of whistleblowers are anonymous, or leave their actual names in the reports with contact information (including email address) – which enables...
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Increased Financial Stress and Fraud

Financial stress is widely recognized as one of the key reasons why people commit fraud. Some people commit fraud for other, pathological, reasons, but these are small in number and not typically the kind of fraudsters we deal with daily.

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Ausus Advisory Launches!

Censere Group announces the launch of Ausus Advisory, a dedicated risk advisory group.

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The Museum of Thai Corruption – “Showcasing Thailand corruption cases”

In Thailand, the National Anti-Corruption Commission (the "NACC") has funded and organized, The Museum of Thai Corruption (the "Museum"), which is a roaming museum to raise the awareness of fraud and corruption in Thailand.

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Forensic Integrity Due Diligence and the Protection of Personal Data in Hong Kong

One of the significant trends in the Asia Pacific region over the last few decades has been the emergence in a number of countries of new or tightened laws on privacy of personal data or “Data Privacy”.  

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Fraud & Corruption in the Pharmaceutical Industry in China

Despite increased enforcement of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ("FCPA") and China's own commercial bribery laws, fraud and corruption remains rife across many industries in China, especially in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry where the benefits of bribery still seem to outweigh the risks.
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